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MARKETING an important part of a successful business

Proper marketing

How do you market yourself as a brand? Do you know your own growth potential? How does your competition score? MoxyOne helps you with the correct marketing and strategy. We provide you with answers to crucial questions and make a profound analysis of all your corporate communication and activities. Our ultimate goal: make sure your business will grow and continue to do so. Therefore you will need proper marketing, alongside a killer brand identity.




Analysing your present market gives you a picture of the needs of your target group. On the strength of this analysis, you will be able to see where opportunities and possibilities exist for your company, and thus what you can best focus on.

Do you communicate in the right way? That is in fact the first question you should ask yourself. Both internally and to your customers. Would you like to get a general check-up? Then MoxyOne will be happy to check your general marketing plan and then fine-tune it. You have not yet drawn up a marketing plan? Then we would be glad to do that together with you.

  • Is your communication in line with the identity of your company?
  • Do you use the right channels?
  • Can prospects easily find your company online?
  • Do you reach the right customers?
  • Do you use social media in the right way?

Together we will find answers to these questions. We make a clear competition analysis, we observe the most important trends and map out the needs and expectations of your target group. In this way, we define the framework for your company and arrive at the right strategy.

Competition Analysis

The purpose of this analysis is twofold: (1) to identify your company’s present positioning, and (2) to identify the market and the main competitors. The analysis examines how you mount your current communication and what your focus is. Your current graphical style will be analysed and thoroughly examined. This is an important phase, because your objective is to obtain a unique position in the marketplace.

Brand situation

We start with the current situation of your company. Then we look at the current market situation, your competitors and your ambitions. And we also to take a critical look at your corporate identity.
The current graphic style is analysed and thoroughly reviewed. This is an important phase, as we want to obtain a unique positioning.

Strategic advice

After we have gathered all the information about the market and your company, we can use the analyses to work on a strategy.

How do we best position your company/brand? What are the USPs? How do you communicate best with the USPs? How is a strong brand identity created? What makes your company unique? What is the vision? What are the long-term goals?
How do we position your brand in the future?

The direction your company is taking is determined here. Based on this, briefings are made for the graphic proposals. We have mapped everything out and then we start brainstorming and of course we do that together.

This usually takes about half a day. An important moment because we obtain a unique positioning here. Finally, MoxyOne will send you a Brand Identity Report with a strategic approach for a new brand positioning.

Brand & communication revision

In the next phase, we translate your brand analysis into concrete communication guidelines. We also work out the first creative proposals. For example, we expand your Brand Identity Report with the new image, do’s and don’ts in your communication and a matrix with the messages you want to communicate versus your target groups. We always look at all creative graphic proposals in the light of your new strategy.

Campaign elaboration

From advertising to website or video, the positioning of your new brand really comes to life! A whole universe of media is prepared and once this phase is completed you can make your new brand known worldwide. With the right visuals and the right channels you can reach the right target audience.

Results analysis

Of course, making your new brand known to the world is not our final destination. It is important that the campaign is always analysed to see whether it is running well or if it can be optimised and adjusted where necessary. You see, we don’t just let you go, but want the best for your new brand and want to guide you through every phase.

  • Analysis
  • Strategic advice
  • Brand & communication revision
  • Campaign elaboration
  • Results analysis


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