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Make it fun to watch

Admit it: you too prefer looking at videos that are pleasant to watch.  So, make sure your video is one of those!

Opt for humour, use animation, add reactionsAnything to keep your viewers watching. Because only then you can actually bring a message across and convince them.

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Graphic design

Make it memorable

Codify the shit out of it – pardon our French, but it is important. If you are having a graphic design made, you should choose relevance and recognisability.

That’s where codes are a great tool: graphic elements that are part of your brand or business – yours, not your competitors’. Think about logo, colour use, patterns, templates or even tone of voice.

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Afbeelding Brand identity Icon Brand identity

Brand identity

Make it clear

What does your business represent? And does that clearly show from your communication?

Two important questions when working on your brand identity. A strategic analysis gives you the answers.

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Make it user-friendly

Of course, you should not underestimate the importance of SEO. But neither do you need to overestimating it.

For Google and for websites that score high, what matters is mostly: are you answering the search queries your visitors ask? And is your site user-friendly? If the answer is yes, the rest will follow.

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