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It's necessary for every company to have a website

Being online means being one step ahead

Online presence is not enough these days, your website needs to be futureproof as well. More and more people only use their tablet or smartphone to surf the internet, so you better make your website visible on those devices.

MoxyOne furthermore helps you to rank high in the Google Search Engine. No extra costs for you and extra value for your company!


Web development

When developing websites, we always apply the very latest web standards. We will use mainly HTML5, CSS3, Jquery and PHP to build your website, although we are equally comfortable with numerous other technologies. You can naturally integrate a special module in your website if you wish. We will then examine with you the options for delivering the best solution.

Google Analytics on every website

Google Analytics is a service of Google that gathers data and gives relevant statistics for your website. The main goal is to give a clear view on the visitor flows, traffic sources and page views. The webmaster can choose to make personalized campaings or to change the website on behalf of the information.

Google Apps

We use Google G Suite for email hosting. For each user, this gives you 25GB in the Cloud. In addition to the email function you get Google Drive for the simple creation, sharing and saving of documents. Google Calendar is a service for managing and sharing appointments. You also get a few other apps such as Google Chat, Google Tasks (for task management) and Google Contacts. If you wish, you can tighten up security still further. We will be pleased to configure 2-factor verification for you, to add an extra level of security to your account.

Web copywriting

It’s not always straightforward to write a text for the web. Texts must not be too long, but must instantly catch people’s attention. Briefly and clearly, people must quickly understand what you are offering them. No idea how to pen the right message? Or simply no time to produce texts for your website? Let us help you with our bespoke copywriting. Our copywriter will contact you, listen to your story and then turn it into a skilfully worded text.


E-commerce businesses are popping up like mushrooms. We will be pleased to help you establish your very own online shop. This will include a maintenance system that makes it very easy for you to manage your products, customers and orders. Depending on your requirements and wishes, we will usually opt for Magento, Prestashop or WooCommerce, but we will be pleased to consider other e-commerce platforms.

Web hosting

We offer you three packages called Pro, Business and Premium. Our websites run on our own dedicated server. Every day we run backups on the server and maintain security. The email addresses are not located on the same server. They have been uncoupled from web hosting. However, we do use an extra service for this purpose, namely Google G Suite. Besides email this Google service provides Google Drive, Google Calendar and lots more.


MoxyOne coordinates, programs and designs your email campaigns using MailChimp. We keep all key information up to date, such as who clicks your links and who subscribes to your newsletter.

  • Web development
  • Google Analytics on every website
  • Google Apps
  • Web copywriting
  • Webshop
  • Web hosting
  • E-mailing
icon Content Management System

Content Management System

Easily update your website

icon Domain names

Domain names

The url to enter your site

icon Responsive design

Responsive design

Made for each device

icon SSL-certificate


A secured website for everyone

icon Cloudflare


Cloudflare dramatically improves website performance

icon SEO optimalisation

SEO optimalisation

Be the first in the relevant search results


Did you know that the vast majority of websites cannot be found in Google by entering their most important keywords? And that 85% of people who look for a product or services do so via Google?

Having an attractive website is merely a first step in the right direction. Fortunately, by means of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), we can ensure that you will be found by the people you want to reach.

Search Engine Optimisation is not a one-off occurrence. The Google algorithm (which determines which site tops the search results) changes continuously. We respond to these changes by regularly updating your website. Leave your online findability to us. With our SEO skills, we will make certain that nobody fails to see you!


Google Analytics

You have to check if you want to be certain. MoxyOne will set up your account and analyse traffic to your site. We can see precisely how effective our campaigns are and how often your website was visited in a certain timeframe.

What’s more, we will send you a monthly report of all the results we have achieved by means of online marketing. This gives you an insight into the origin of traffic on your website. We will obviously give you advice appropriate to the outcomes contained in the reports, making it even easier for people to find you.


We use heat maps to get to know the users of your website. Among other things, we find out exactly what information users look for and how visitors navigate once on your website. On the strength of these results, we will set to work on optimising your website.

  • Google Analytics
  • Heatmaps


SEA stands for Search Engine Advertising. By means of online bids and payments to search engines, you can make sure that your site comes to the top in the search results.


Google Ads

We will ensure that you will be found online by preparing advertisements in Google Ads. We will link them to keywords, regions and networks relevant to you, making sure that your target group finds you.

  • Google Ads


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