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Video marketing

Every company has a story to tell and will daily continue to tell its story. If you want to convince people to choose your company or product, better present yourself in a distinctive way. Storytelling is the way to tell people who you are and where you stand for.

Not even that long ago you had to buy advertisement space in a newspaper, nowadays the options are endless (and a lot cheaper)! Choose your own channels according to your target groups. Videomarketing is here to stay and the options are never-ending, Just open your social media accounts and you will see for yourself: live videos, full streams, mobile videos, GIFs, 360° videos etc. The choice is yours!

What MoxyOne can do for your videomarketing

Videomarketing in 3 steps

Step 1 Exploration

A good video marketing strategy starts with an exploration. Questions, questions and more questions. What is your message? What do you want to achieve? Which results will we measure? Only after we know which direction we’re taking, we take the next step.

Step 2 Flavor

Based on your answers, your budgets and learnings from previous campaigns, MoxyOne will draw up a marketing plan for your company. From mini to mega, just like with our different packs.

Step 3 Eye for detail

MoxyOne’s animation cell will make your 1-minute video according to the rules of the artform. Quick, to the point and with a big dose of entertainment. We will draw your storyboard, write your text, have a professional voice record your text and animate your video to turn it into 60 flashy seconds.


From script to screen. For TV, PC, tablet or smart phone. In a studio or on location. With the right voice-over and music. Need extra animations? MoxyOne will sit down at the drawing board to produce them for you.

4k film production

4K is the newest resolution standard, specially designed for digital movie and computer graphics. These days, it’s the highest resolution format available to the consumer. A 4K production gives you a higher picture quality, sharper images and a larger projection surface.

We record our production with the very best camera there is: the RED camera. Many Hollywood movies and premium commercials have been recorded with this camera. And if it’s good enough for Hollywood, it’s good enough for MoxyOne.

High-end video equipment

MoxyOne uses the best lenses, the best cameras (Canon 5D (HD), RED Raven Dragon 4.5K, Blackmagic URSA Mini 4K, SchoulderRIG, Nikon 360° 4K Keymission, DJI OSMO+ 4K), the best audio material and the best lighting equipment.

360° video

Would you like to offer your customers a peek inside your store, company or office? MoxyOne creates 360° videos on request. A virtual tour allows potential customers to experience your location before they arrive. 360° is the future! Video and motion pictures are essential in order to score on social media, so don’t miss out!

A 360° video puts the user in charge – they determine what they want to see and make it happen. No less than 90% of viewers say that the 360° video played a decisive role in their spending decisions.

360° videos are also perfect for giving visitors of events the opportunity to relive and share their experience after the event is over. They are also a useful tool for real estate agents to seduce future buyers and a fun way to showcase hotel rooms.

Drone, more than flying

Be a real pioneer and use drone images. Give a virtual tour, distribute overview images of your location or get a large group of people on film.

Before, you had to pay enormous amounts of money for aerial images, but the prices for aerial shots are a lot more accessible these days.

Whatever you use the images for, by using drone images, you undoubtedly position your company as being innovative and distinctive.

2D or 3D animations

Bring your concepts to life in an original way and choose a 3D animation. This will instantly attract attention and you can explain a complex concept quickly and comprehensibly. Because a 3D animation is already something unique, you’re already going a step further than you would with a static photo or 2D video.

MoxyOne creates three-dimensional animation videos that consist of lively movements and high-end effects. But be prepared: the chances that your video will go viral are high.

  • Videomarketing in 3 steps
  • HD-videoproduction
  • 4k film production
  • High-end video equipment
  • 360° video
  • Drone, more than flying
  • 2D or 3D animations
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